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Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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The costs of living in the Netherlands vary from region to region, from really high in the capital and other touristic place, to much more affordable ones in the rest of the country. When evaluating the costs of living in the Netherlands one has to consider that this country is in the euro zone, and that this fact influence a lot the prices for every product. Just like any immigration lawyer in the Netherlands, one of our consultants can offer you information on various aspects connected to the financial legislation and economy in this country.

Key aspects concerning the living costs in the Netherlands 

The costs of living in the Netherlands are not the highest in Europe. Compared to other states in the EU block such as Norway or England, many products are much more affordable in the Netherlands. Spain or Portugal however have lower prices for food. If you want to move in the Netherlands you should know that there are certain sectors in which this country is really one of the best palaces to be in Western Europe, as for example it is the case with the transportation costs.

If you plan to immigrate in the Netherlands or to go there to study, you should know that the costs for rent in this country can be very high especially in the university cities. The high demand for flats and the limited number of habitable space can raise the costs of living in particular cities. Please call on our consultants in the Netherlands in order to find out more useful aspects on how to prepare before immigrating in this country.

Facts about living costs in the Netherlands

The living costs in the Netherlands should be evaluated by comparison with the salaries. From this point of view, the wages in this country are one of the most motivating in Europe. The food is affordable in the supermarkets, but bars and restaurant bills can get high because of the service charge and taxes which need to be supported by the owner. 

Taxis are also expensive and so is the gasoline. But Netherlands has a culture of biking, and in the main cities this is the most preferred way of transportation. 

Feel free to contact one of our consultants who just like any Dutch immigration lawyer can guide you through your immigration in the Netherlands

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