A Short Overview About the Immigration in the Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 16th February 2017

A Short Overview About the Immigration in the Netherlands Image
The Netherlands is one of the most developed European countries, where people from around the world find proper jobs and a better way of living. The open-mindedness and the friendliness of Dutch people might be at the beginning hard to understand, but you should know that there is no place for judgmental issues in the Netherlands. According to the statistics made last year, the Netherlands has a population of about 17 million locals and foreigners. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherland can offer suitable information about the necessary visas to enter the country.

Details about the migration in the Netherlands

About 5,000,000 people were registered as Dutch citizens between 1900 and 1950, an important period for the Netherlands. Citizens from Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Morocco, Singapore, India or China found a new home in the Netherlands, for proper and personal development. The birth rate in the Netherlands was low right after the World War II ended and the aged population was also a serious matter in those times. It was the period where the young workforce wasn’t sufficient to cover the social contributions which helped the old people receive their pensions. The authorities implemented numerous reforms, eased the migration process and opened the doors for numerous foreigners who wanted to work in the Netherlands.

Getting back in our century, the numbers related to the immigration in the Netherlands have considerably changed and people from Poland, Russia, Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Turkey or Germany among many others have chosen to relocate in the Netherlands in a massive wave, reuniting with the families and contributing to the country’s economy in legal manners. Citizens from new-entered countries in the EU (European Union) have also expected the opened doors of the Netherlands in different important domains, according to their skills and knowledge.

Exactly as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants can offer complete information about the types of visas, residence and work permit you need to obtain when immigrating to the Netherlands.

Why do people choose to relocate in the Netherlands?

The economic stability, the interesting work opportunities, the great geographic location, the proper costs of living and remuneration in the Netherlands are significant aspects to consider when deciding to come to the Netherlands. This is a suitable country to live in, where the locals are not afraid of changes and developments. Once you become acquainted with the rules, the regulations, the communication, and the way of living in the Netherlands, you will understand why people love to be in a country that permits such attitude, without being afraid of misjudgments or anything like it. It is good to know that the Netherlands puts a big price on the education system, which is why children are properly educated in schools or at home.  A wide range of important colleges in the country is chosen by the overseas people who want to become students in the Netherlands, taking the advantages of a well-made and flawless education system.

If you want to immigrate in the Netherlands, it is recommended to read as much as possible about the country’s culture, beliefs, and history. Please feel free to contact our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands for additional information about the needed visas to enter the country.