A Guide on Public Holidays in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

A Guide on Public Holidays in the Netherlands Image Some of the public holidays in the Netherlands are based on Christian calendar and can be found in all Europe, being related to the centuries old traditions of this continent. However you will find in the Netherlands other public holidays which are only characteristic for this country. It is important to be aware of the free days allowed by the Dutch government either if you work in the Netherlands, or if you want to immigrate in this country and you need to address the public authorities. Our consultants can help you obtain information on the state's provisions regarding free days in the Netherlands.

Main public holidays in the Netherlands

A universal celebration for which a free day is granted by the Dutch state is the New Year’s Day, on the first of January. Two other important moments for which people in Netherlands enter in public holidays are the two main Christian celebrations, Christmas and Easter. For Christmas, Dutch workers can stay at home two days, on 25 and 26 of December. The Easter holiday varies each year depending on the date on which this event is calculated to happen. For Easter as well, Netherlands offers two days off. 

One of our consultants can help, just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands, to find out what are the regulations regarding holidays in this country and how can they interfere with your labor or business activity in this state.

What you should know about public holidays in Netherlands

People who decide to move in the Netherlands should know that the Dutch celebrate each year the King’s day, since the Netherlands is a monarchy. This event takes place on 27 of April. Other Christian celebrations add to the public holidays in the Netherlands, such as Pentecost, seven days after Easter, and Ascension Day 40 days after Easter. In general the public holidays are payed by the state or the employee, but not all of them. The liberation day, for example, celebrated on May 5th is a holiday for the public sector and schools and the Good Friday on April 14th is free for the banks, insurers and the public sector. 

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