Deportation from the Netherlands

Updated on Friday 16th June 2017

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There situations in which an immigrant does not receive an approval of stay in the Netherlands. Usually the Dutch state gives to immigrants a certain period of time to prepare their departure. However, in cases with a high degree of risk to the national security, the country can ask immigrants to leave the country’s territory immediately. If the immigrant does not comply with the official decision, the state begins a procedure of deportation from the Netherlands. Just like any Dutch immigration lawyers, one of our consultants can help you with information regarding the period of departure as well as with explanations about the process implied by the voluntary return. 

Legal base for deportation from the Netherlands

According to the Dutch Council for Refugees immigrants who enter Dutch territory by plane or boat need to apply for asylum and while the request is processed to remain in a detention center. The Aliens Act regulates the conditions in which a noncitizen might be expulsed from the Netherlands, if this measure in in the interest of the public order. The Returns Directive specifies that a person who immigrates to the Netherlands should not try to avoid supervision of the authorities and unlawfully evade it. If a person does not cooperate to the establishment of his/her identity the person will be required to leave the country

Our consultants in immigration in Netherlands can give you more information on the legal framework relating to asylum and deportation from Netherlands and can help you understand what are your rights and responsibilities in this country.

More details regarding deportation from the Netherlands

The Dutch state has initiated shelters for people who follow a voluntarily return procedure. The person is allowed to remain in such a place for a maximum of 3 months. Many state organizations such as the IOM, Maatwerk bij Terugkeer, work in order to help immigrants to return their home country. This voluntary return procedure relies on the cooperation of the state structures with the immigrants.

In order to avoid deportation immigrants might look for support from friends, schools, and other elements of the surroundings. Exactly like an immigration lawyer in Netherlands, our consultants can help you as well by explaining in detail how you can cooperate with the authorities in order to prevent your deportation.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information on the legal framework which regulates immigrants’ deportation from the Netherlands and methods to prevent it for you and your family. 


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